Terms & Conditions - Layman's Version

We are here to provide temporary protection for your piano - not get into a bun fight, split hairs or waste time arguing over minutiae.

ROQSOLID Renta-A-Cover Terms & Conditions

1. Put the correct size of cover into a shopping basket, select the speed of delivery, go through the checkout and pay;

2. The thank you page has a form to stipulate the dates you wish to hire from and to. Complete and submit the information;

3. We will dispatch the cover in a heavy-duty plastic bag or double-walled box. Keep it for re-packaging the cover for the return journey;

4. You are hiring the cover, we keep ownership;

5. Only use it for the purpose for which it is intended;

6. When the hire period is up, repackage it in the bag or box it arrived in, or similar if the packaging is no longer available or damaged;

7. When we get it back we will inspect the cover for damages. Dust and scrapes are not considered damage. Rips, tears and holes are.

8. If all's well, we will refund the difference between the cost of the cover and the charge for the term of the hire;

9. Alternatively, if you decide you want to keep it in, you need to let us know in writing 48 hours before date of collection;

10. If you keep it, a pro-rata carriage amount will be refunded;

11. If all's not well we will assess the cost of repairs and let you know. Remember we made it in the first place so the cost of repairing it will not be unreasonable;

12. If the cover is ruined or deemed beyond repair we will post it back to you and consider it purchased!

So book it, look after it and return it unscathed and all's good.

If you would like read the legalese version of this, go HERE.


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